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Misbar Group is a community-based platform that aims to facilitate people’s enthusiasm and appreciation towards cinema and filmmaking.

Driven by our burning passion, we strive to feed the desire of Indonesian cinephiles through film screenings, intensive masterclass, and film discussions. Through our media channels, KataKinema and Distopiana, we also bring forward many news and issues related to film and TV series with light but critical delivery.


Cinema Obscura

We deliver the long-awaited, critically acclaimed, and underrated newly released films from all around the world in front of your eyes.


Enrich your perspective from our reliable speaker and also other audiences from light topics such as "open relationship" to urgent matters such as "gender equality" through KineTalks: a film screening and discussion session.

Intensive MasterClass

We accommodate your curiosity towards cinema through Intensive MasterClass program by bringing experts and practitioners from film industry to teach you things they are good at.

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